Sensory Room

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An exciting edition to our Day Care Centre the sensory room offers a relaxing, therapeutic and distracting space to all our service users and any group or individual who would like to book this facility.

Fibre Optic Strands

These strands of changing lights and colour, aids observation skills with people with visual impairments, increases visual tracking and colour recognition with an overall calming effect.

Bubble Tubes

These tall cylinder tubes with varying size and colour of bubbles assist and encourage physical movements and colour recognition.


A projection of rotating imagery inducing a relaxed state of mind.  This can be tailored to the individual and a selection of images selected accordingly.

Sensory Wall

This incorporates a range of textures…..rough, smooth,  soft , hard and incorporates a number of  movements including pull and twist which enhances fine motor skills.


Mood Light

Providing additional visual stimulation with sparkling star lights. Soft flooring and bean bags are included to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment. Music is played or relaxing nature sounds including birds, water and animals etc. Different sections of the sensory room can be activated depending on the users requirements.